Monday, 15 June 2015

Top Indian M&E companies streamline work process through ERP

Prime Focus Technologies, a part of the world’s largest integrated media services company, Prime Focus Ltd. has made an effort to provide the Indian media industry with Media Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution in order to streamline its workflow and reduce cost.
Although in 1990s, the manufacturing sector welcomed the idea of adopting ERP in order to transform its work processes, yet the functioning of Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry remained unchanged. It stuck to its conventional way of working. However, with advancement of time, the industry seemed to realize the need of certain digital mode, which would not only accelerate and streamline its work process, but would also increase its output.  Hence, top Indian M&E firms like: Sony, Colours, Zee Entertainment and Star India have already switched to the digital mode in key workflow processes across the supply chain, two years ahead their western counterparts. This has sharply led to the increase in the output of their executives engaged in content creation and has saved 30 to 40 per cent on cost.
Not only this, but with the help of such digital mode, the companies can have real time collaboration in the areas of production and distribution, reach out to their overseas customers in a few hours of the local telecast, supply video on demand to customers and can prevent piracy. It also helps the media executives to live in the physical world and work on several content forms in the virtual world available on digital devices without being actually present at every location, be it the place of shooting, studio or editing room. They are now able to access unedited or edited video anytime and place of their choice.


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