Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kalli Purie takes over as Group Editorial Director, B’cast & New Media: India Today Group

Kalli Purie, who joined India Today group as a marketing executive and reporter for the flagship magazine, India Today in 1996, will now take over as the group’s new Editorial Director for broadcast and New Media. The new role came to her after the channel rebranded itself in the first week of June. Prior to this Kalli Purie was Group Synergy and Creative Officer of the organisation.
Purie will now provide editorial supervision to Television, Digital properties and Events. Since 2011, she had been working as the Director of the India Today Conclave, an annual event that brings together leading politicians, film stars, celebrities, educationists and other prominent people from around the world, to discuss various topics. 

Source: http://cablequest.org/news/m-s-news/item/7195-kalli-purie-takes-over-as-group-editorial-director,-b%E2%80%99cast-new-media-india-today-group.html

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