Friday, 12 June 2015

MIB to offer provisional registrations to MSOs for DAS phase III

According to the recent report from the I&B Ministry, a total of 169 MSOs have been granted permanent registration for operating a digital addressable system (DAS).Also more than 600 applications are pending to get approval for one or the other reason, mostly waiting for security clearance from MHA though the deadline for Phase III of DAS is approaching nearer. But, as the delay continues on the part of the MHA to give clearance, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has once again invited the applicants to file fresh applications.
Issuing a notice on 11th June, MIB stated that it is ready to issue provisional registration under rule 11E of Cable TV Network Rules 1994 for all the applicants. According to the notice, the provisional registrations issued by the ministry in no way will confer any right to the applicants to claim for regular registration. Secondly, if in any case the registration authority refuses to offer regular registration, then the provisional registration provided to that particular MSO shall also be cancelled.
To issue provisional registration certificate, Ministry has now asked the MSOs to send their willingness to the Ministry along with an affidavit. However, the following applicants shall not be considered for registration:
  • The applicants who have a criminal case/ background against them. If in any case the MHA denies security clearance, then the applicant shall immediately shut down its MSO operation without any protest or demur.
  • Whose applications are incomplete
  • Who do not furnish the affidavit and their willingness to obtain provisional registration
  • Who have been denied security clearance earlier
  • Whose parent or subsidiary company has/have been denied security clearance earlier.
However, sources from the MSO fraternity opines that the objective behind signing new affidavit is to prevent MSOs from filing cases in courts of law on being denied permanent registration.


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