Thursday, 16 April 2015

Times Television Network rebranded as Times Network ‘Now or Nothing’

Times Television Network has been rebranded as Times Network with its positioning statement of – NOW OR NOTHING. The organisation will strive to constantly be quick, relevant and immediate. This is encapsulated in the word ‘NOW’. The new, improved brand logo and rebranding will facilitate higher resonance for the channels vis-a-vis competition.
MK Anand, CEO & Managing Director, Times Network said, “This is not an India of passive optimists. At the forefront, at the leading edge generation of youth, at the top of corporations and organisations, India is screaming – ‘Now or Nothing’. This is something that is also being articulated in the content and the value we deliver through our channels. The content has to be rooted in the NOW. The change in name from Times Television Network to Times Network shows a paradigm shift to reflect the reality that Video is no longer just Television.
The new logo is contemporary and shows the liberalisation of the brand by stepping out of the box to be open to change. The fonts used are bolder. At the top is a pyramid mnemonic, whose tip signifies the specific Indians who are wanting and making change. These are the audiences the network and its channels are targeting. The brand belief is that the driver of change is at the top, and the philosophy of the top permeates down to all segments.
As part of the change at Times Network, the expression of channels in terms of content and even positioning is undergoing a revamp. The expectation is that there will be 1-2 channels launched every year, and the content could also become regional. The action-oriented credo of the organisation will position the network as fast, agile and alert.


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