Saturday, 11 April 2015

Instant messaging app ‘Jio Chat’ launched by Reliance Jio

for iOS and Android cell phones. The company will bring such types of Apps more as it is to roll out its high-speed 4Gnetwork, widely expected later this year. 
Along with voice calling, video chat, conferencing, messaging, instant video, audio notes, stickers, doodles, and emoticons, the Jio chat also offers location-sharing and status-sharing. Jio Chat automatically syncs contacts, and allows users to send free SMS invites to friends. There is a offline chat option on the App, which will store typed messages and only send them once the user or the recipient comes online. The Jio Chat app is also 'always on and connected', meaning, after initial installation and activation there's no need to sign in again.
According to the sources, RJIL is also planning Apps each on finance and ecommerce.
Jio Chat allows sending short messages over the Internet. It also allows delivery of these messages in an SMS format to unregistered users at no cost beyond the data charge, but with an SMS cost to the receiver. This App will be health-monitoring and all viewing TV channels.
The SMSs, capped at 100 per month, incur a termination charge of two paise each. For the user, the app offers a platform that can use both online chat and SMS. The person receiving the message is warned of charges at the time of collecting the message. 
The data consumed for a call amounts to Rs 0.24 per minute on Jio Chat on prevailing data tariffs (compared to Rs 0.65-0.70 per minute for regular outgoing call rates in the market.


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