Thursday, 9 April 2015

Four TV channels ordered to shut down from a day to a month for violating content code

Four TV Channels were admonished by the I&B Ministry in the month of March for violating the programme code prescribed in the Cable TV Rules. 

 DY365 News Channel has been asked to stop uplinking for one day on 09.04.2015 throughout India for  violation of Rule 6(1) a, Rule 6(1)(i) & Rule 6(1)(o) of Cable TV Programming code  for revealing the face and identity of a rape victim in a news on 12.06.2014.
NDTV Good Times has been asked to stop broadcasting of its channel throughout India for 24 hrs, from 09.04.2015 00:01 hrs till 10.04.2015 00:001 hrs as its programme’ Why Am I Still Single’ broadcast on 21.04.2014 at 22:00:42 hrs had violated the programme code as the content was considered vulgar and obscene under Sub-section (2) of Section 20 and Sub-Section (3) of Section 20 of Cable TV Act 1994. 
 TLC Channel showed ‘Sex Sent to the ER’ on 18.04.2014 at 22:00:25 hrs and repeated the same on 20.04.2014 At 02:00:35 hrs showing vulgar, obscene and indecent content. Violated the programming code under Rule 6.1, Para 6.2, Para 5.1 of Cable TV Network Act 1994.Transmission of the channel has been prohibited for 24 hrs from 9.04.2015 00:01 hrs to 10.04.2015 00:01 hrs. 
Satlon News Channel showed a news report on 28 April 2014 showing visuals of victim of rape not fully morphed or blurred, violating Rule 6(1)a, Rule 6(1)(d), Rule 6(1)(k), Rule 6(1)(o) of Cable TV Network Act 1994  showing indecent depiction of a woman’s body.  Satlon News channels has been prohibited from the transmission or re-transmission for 30 days from 0001 hrs on 15.04.2015 till 0001 hrs on 14.05.2015. 


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