Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Germany: ‘Modems are part of network’

German cablers are resisting the Federal government’s planned ban on operators forcing subscribers to take a router supplied them rather than buy a device on the open market.
Vodafone and Kabel Deutschland’s February joint submission against the draft legislation has just been revealed. They argue the proposals failed to take into account the shared nature of the last-mile cable network, that routers should be considered as part of the network infrastructure they provide and that they should be allowed to decide on which cable modem subscribers take.

In addition to the submission, Liberty Global-owned Unitymedia KabelBW have said that allowing users to select their own routers could cause problems for subscribers in the same node group, leading to a deterioration of service and an increase in cost.

Source: http://cablequest.org/news/technology-news/item/6740-germany-%E2%80%98modems-are-part-of-network%E2%80%99.html

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