Saturday, 4 April 2015

Kisan TV, rescheduled to be launched on 21 April

A dedicated television channel for farmers, Kisan TV, which was scheduled to be launched on Baisakhi Day - 14 April, is now expected to be launched on 21 April.
According to DD sources, the rescheduling for launching is due to the reason that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be in the country on Baisakhi Day. Further they told that a trial run has already been done but a formal soft launch might come within the next few days.  
In the budget 2014-15, a sum of Rs 100 crore had been allocated for Kisan TV but only Rs 90 crore has been set aside in the budget 2015-16.
In early December 2014, Doordarshan had invited proposals for programmes or content under the Self Financing Commissioned (SFC) Scheme. This content will be in Hindi with regional dubbing. The content will primarily focus on the developmental needs of farmers and address ‘Core Agriculture’, ‘Critical Support’ and ‘Essential Ancillary’ areas, keeping in mind the varied Agro-Economic Zones, Climatic Areas, and Crops. The requirement also wanted it to be entertaining and engaging. 
The genres for the proposed content are: Documentaries/Features (Field Based); Magazines/Docu Dramas (Field Based); Cookery Shows/Biographies; Daily Soap/Fiction Serials/Family Serials/Thrillers; film song based programmes; Reality Shows/Game Shows; and Mandi Bhav/Bazar Bhav/Agro Based Bulletins.
In addition, DD Kisan will have a new segment for iconic characters plus content packaging. It will also have a segment for edited feature films where entire film will be capsuled with anchor-based presentation for 60 minutes. The content will also be taken from different agricultural universities and institutes.


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