Saturday, 29 March 2014

NovelSat Free Band for free satellite bandwidth

Switzerland based NovelSat, a specialist in satellite transmission technologies, on 27th march has announced the availability of NovelSat Free Band – a new solution that gives broadcasters free satellite bandwidth for video contribution. Broadcasters who lease satellite bandwidth for their video distribution needs understand the costs connected with the space segment. Unfortunately, broadcasters also need to lease additional bandwidth every time they deploy a remote contribution unit, including DSNGs and flyaways.
With NovelSat FreeBand, broadcasters use the same bandwidth, transmitting at the same frequency, both to send video to the point-to-multipoint distribution network and to receive video from DSNGs and the like. In essence, with NovelSat FreeBand, broadcasters no longer have to pay for satellite bandwidth every time they deploy a remote contribution unit within the footprint of their satellite distribution network. This translates into huge savings in operational costs. If you consider that satellite bandwidth for a DSNG can typically cost $250 per hour or more, NovelSat FreeBand can pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

A prerequisite for NovelSat FreeBand is that the antenna at the distribution hub be larger than the remote antenna. For example, a 7m hub antenna with 2.4m remote antennas is supported along with wider antenna ratios.


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