Friday, 29 May 2015

Thai TV set to close its 2 digital channels

Thai TV has decided to close two of its new digital channels. On May 25th it submitted a formal request to the country’s National Broadcast regulator to close two channels namely Thai TV and Loco.
Thai TV is a news channel while Loco is a family channel.
May 25th was a key date in that all digital broadcasters were obliged to pay a second instalment of their digital licences. The regulator said that 22 of the newly licensed 24 digital channels had correctly paid their second instalments on time. Officially, all broadcasters have to pay, in full, their licence fees whether or not they continue transmissions.
According to Thai TV, the regulator has failed in smooth transition from analogue to digital as a result digital broadcasting is having tough time to make channels pay their licence fee.


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