Thursday, 9 July 2015

TRAI to hold meeting on 14th July to resolve interconnect issues between MSOs and Broadcasters

In a notice issued by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 8th July, it announced that TRAI will hold a  meeting with MSOs and broadcasters on 14 July at the TRAI headquarters, to resolve specific issues that they are facing in signing the interconnect agreements.
In the notice, it said that during the ninth Task Force meeting for DAS Phase III, held on 7th July, under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary JS Mathur, the TRAI representative had suggested to hold a meeting between MSOs and broadcasters on the scheduled date so as to resolve specific issues (if any) related to the signing of interconnect agreements between a particular MSO and a broadcaster for distributing TV signals in Phase III areas.
Accordingly, MSOs concerned have been advised to bring such issues to the notice of TRAI at by 10 July. 
The MSOs may also indicate the name of the broadcaster with whom they are having the specific issue so that the representative of that broadcaster may also be called for meeting. TRAI will convey the exact time of the meeting to the participants through email after receiving the representation. 
It must be noted that the MIB and TRAI have been emphasising that the MSOs and broadcasters must sign interconnect agreements as soon as possible so that the MSOs can start seeding set-top boxes (STBs) and collect customer application forms (CAF) from subscribers. 


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