Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Amagi Media Labs enables ETV cloud based custom feed for Singapore

Eenadu Television Pvt Ltd launched the custom feed of its premier channel “ETV Telugu” in Singapore through Amagi’s cloud enabled broadcast solution. ETV has deployed Amagi’s localization platform at SingTel’s Mio TV to generate a local feed for Singapore and has been on air since July 2013.
TV networks often need to regionalize their channel feed. It could be to increase revenues by offering targeted ads in a country, or to ‘mask’ specific content to comply with broadcast regulation or even more commonly to include regional programming to cater to local audience preference. Creating such a customized feed has always been a challenge for TV networks with multi-country broadcast feeds, often forcing broadcasters to create a new feed using satellite or fiber. Amagi’s cloud based Localize platform helps TV networks to efficiently generate the regional feed from the existing linear feed of their channels. 

ETV which broadcasts its channel in India and USA wanted to launch the same linear feed in Singapore through their existing satellite feed. In order to comply with the broadcast regulations in Singapore, they were required to opt out 2 hours of programming every day on the existing feed.  
Amagi’s cloud based Localization platform enables ETV to originate such a local feed for Singapore from the existing satellite feed by masking the prohibited content. Amagi’s localization workflow is fully automated from the point of intent capture for localization up till local replacement content playout and reporting. This is complimented with sophisticated tools for remote monitoring and management.
“Amagi has envisioned the localization platform keeping in mind the complexities of the existing broadcast systems. The system is designed in a manner such that, the content masking process works in parallel to the satellite broadcast’s processes and scheduling.” said Srividhya S, Cofounder and CTO at Amagi. “Unlike the traditional triggering mechanism used, Amagi’s barcoding based approach offers workflow flexibilities and 100% accuracy in identifying and replacing content assets. We are very pleased with the positive feedback from ETV and are very happy to have enabled value for them.” 
“We had a requirement to replace couple of hours of programming on every day basis for our Distributor in Singapore while justifying the RoIs. Amagi’s solution in terms of capabilities suited our requirement Amagi’s ability to deliver an end-to- end infrastructure suite integrated seamlessly with our resources .” said Mr. K. Bapineedu, Vice President of Eenadu Television Pvt Ltd.


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