Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Comigo Set-Top Box solution gives Comigo enhanced OTT to Chitram TV

Comigo,  today announced that ChitramTV, a leading German service provider that offers Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam language content to viewers in Germany and the U.K., has chosen an Android™-based set-top box (STB) solution from Comigo to offer advanced personalization, as well as interactive and social capabilities, to the TV screen. Comigo's STB solution enables ChitramTV customers to stream a wide variety of enriched content, including linear channels, VOD, and catch-up TV, enhancing their engagement with the service. 
The platform brings personalization, Interactivity, and Socialization to the TV Screen and Increases Monetization Opportunities for OTT Service Providers
Comigo's STB platform offers TV operators unprecedented flexibility by allowing them to choose from a variety of modules based on their requirements. This includes a personalization engine, social engine, engagement module, social recommendations engine, insights and analytics, and more. Utilizing the STB solution, ChitramTV can gain insight into customer viewing habits to deliver personal content recommendations, promote content through users' social interactions, and target relevant advertising to viewers.   
More information about the company's products is available at www.comigo.com.  
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About ChitramTV (www.chitramtv.eu)
ChitramTV is one of the major internet-based television (IPTV) service providers worldwide offering Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Pakistani, Punjab, and Malayalam language content. The advanced technical systems are designed together with strategic partners worldwide to deliver the best possible quality of viewing experience, while internal developments include the full range of hardware and software solutions to test all phases of IPTV deployments: middleware, conditional access system, billing system, video-on-demand servers, DVB to IP gateways, etc. All products are compatible with each other and can be connected in cluster architecture to form a scalable IPTV solution.
About Comigo (www.comigo.com)
Comigo's cutting-edge TV platform allows pay-TV operators to offer the future TV experience on any device. The Comigo solution is unique with its personal viewing experience, social capabilities, and content-related interactive apps. The Comigo platform dramatically increases viewer engagement and stimulates new revenue opportunities for pay-TV operators.
The Comigo platform includes an Android™-based set-top box solution, STB middleware, and STB hardware; Client Apps for Android- and iOS-based smartphones and tablets; and a fully controlled cloud-based solution that enables and facilitates Comigo's unique viewing experience and provides the operator with the flexibility to quickly launch video-related apps and services.
Source: http://cablequest.org/news/technology-news/item/6422-comigo-set-top-box-solution-gives-comigo-enhanced-ott-to-chitram-tv.html

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