Wednesday, 30 July 2014

CQ-Fibre’s speed increasing Internet usage: Council Americas

The fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas has released the results of a survey by RVA, LLC, revealing new data on the usage and impact of fibre to the home networks in North America.
Major findings from the 2014 survey include:
More people have fibre, and more providers are offering faster speeds: There are 10.4 million homes connected to fibre in North America compared with 9.7 million in May 2013 and there are now 58 providers offering gigabit-per-second packages.
The need for faster broadband at home continues to grow: Users report now spending over 5 hours a day at home online and are aware of 5.5 Internet ready devices in the home. Broadband users under age 35 now report getting slightly over half of their video content from online sources.
Satisfaction rates are far higher for FTTH than all other types of broadband: Consumers say higher satisfaction is based on both reliability and speed. Based on speed testing during the survey, those with fibre optics all the way to the residence (fibre to the home or FTTH) enjoy far better performance. Comparing both ends of the spectrum in terms of performance, FTTH versus DSL, FTTH is now 5 times faster on download speeds and 23 times faster on upload speeds.

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