Thursday, 4 September 2014

MSO cannot disconnect an LCO without a Notice

While issuing an advisory to all MSOs in DAS areas on 1st September 2014, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting warned all MSOs against disconnection of an LCO network without giving a 21 day notice and a reason for disconnection in at least two leading newspapers of the state.
As per chapter V of Standards of Quality of Service (Digital Addressable Cable Systems) Regulations, 2012 issued by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) no multi system operator (MSO) shall disconnect the signals of a TV Channels of a linked local cable operator, without giving three weeks' notice to such local cable operator, clearly specifying the reasons for the proposed disconnection. Notice of disconnection of signals of TV channel is also required to be published in two leading local newspapers of the State in which the service provider is providing the services, out of which one notice shall be published in the newspaper in local language.
Ministry took this step after lt received many complaints about some multi system operators disconnecting signals to cable subscribers without giving any notice, in violation of above mentioned regulation. According to the Advisory, it is also in violation of the undertaking given by MSOs in Form 2 of their application which states as below:
"We shall ensure that my/our cable television network shall be run in accordance with the provisions of the Cable Television Network (Regulations) Act 1995 and the rules made there under, regulations, orders, guidelines or the directions issued by the Central Govemment or the Authority from time to time.”
Ministry has warned the MSOs that any violation in this regard would be taken seriously and action would be initiated against erring MSOs

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