Friday, 30 August 2013

Chinese Entertainment Giant Shanghai Media Group Brings Synchronized 2nd Screen Experiences to ‘Chinese Idol’ Fans Using Civolution’s Syncnow

Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content, today announces its cooperation with Shanghai Media Group (SMG), one of China’s leading television and radio broadcasting, news and Internet companies. Under the agreement Civolution has integrated its award-winning SyncNow® technology with SMG’s new 2nd screen offering aimed at boosting show ratings and enhance viewer interaction. 
With high penetration rates of smartphones in China, SMG recognized the value in deploying 2nd screen offerings to its Chinese audiences.  SMG chose to work with a local app vendor on its new 2nd screen experiences, and selected Civolution’s live watermarking solution for iOS and Android to power the app’s real-time interactivity with SMG’s programs.
The way people watch TV has changed. What used to be a passive and lean-back experience is now becoming interactive and more engaging. Viewers are multitasking, using their 2nd screen devices - such as smart phones, tablets and laptops - to search websites, interact with friends and engage with a rich variety of applications. All whilst watching TV. Given this shift in consumer behavior, Civolution has developed ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology for TV programs and ads. ACR allows for precise synchronization between a TV program and an application - running on smart TVs or 2nd screen devices – at scale, in real time and across platforms. Synchronization greatly enhances the TV viewing experience and opens up exciting opportunities for content owners, broadcasters, MSOs, advertisers and brands, and, for all of us viewers.


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