Thursday, 17 April 2014

Majority of Indians prefer to watch live TV

Recently a study released by world market and opinion research firm, lpsos OTX states that majority of Indians (around 82 per cent) who watch TV indicate they watch TV programming ‘live’, although other popular modes of watching are catching on like streaming or downloading from a computer (40 per cent), streaming from internet to TV (23 per cent), using a DVR or other recording device attached to a TV (16 per cent), and on a mobile device (21 per cent).  
Study further states that traditional ‘live’ TV watching is significantly more popular among Indian respondents ages 50–64 (89 per cent) compared to those 35–49 (88 per cent) and under 35 (76 per cent). Other modes of watching TV programming are more popular among younger respondents: on computer and laptop. 

Ipsos India head of marketing communication Biswarup Banerjee said, “With so many new ways to view television programming, it might come as a surprise that 82 per cent of TV watchers in India still watch their shows ‘live on TV’—that is, on a regular television at the time they are programmed to appear. The indication, then, would be that television is still a prime venue for marketers to advertise.


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