Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Mysuru subscribers feel cheated by the cable service providers

Cable Television services in Mysuru, Karnataka have complained that cable television service providers refused to issue a receipt for the monthly subscription fee they collect. Also many popular channels were taken off from the packages on their whims.
There were number of other complaints expressed by the consumers in the monthly meeting of Mysuru Grahakara Parishat (MGP) held on Sunday, 13 December 2015.
“Several viewers complained that some local cable service providers were a law unto themselves, charging a fee and withdrawing popular channels without any notice. Some of the cable service providers do not provide proper receipts for the money paid. There were also complaints that late night movies were laced with vulgar scenes/clippings,” said president of MGP R. Chandra Prakash said on 14 December. Apart from the members of MGP, several members of the public participated in the discussion on Sunday. Having invested a substantial amount of money in buying expensive television sets and channel connections, the viewers felt cheated by the service providers. “Viewers found that dish-based DTH services were better in terms of quality of services, but the monthly fee was high. Also, HD channels carrying an additional fee were introduced with an assurance that they will be devoid of advertisements. But, now advertisements on HD channels are no less than non-HD channels,” Mr.Prakash added.
He said the viewers complained that they were exposed to very low levels of knowledge and irrelevant harangues in the name of debates on news channels. MGP said the viewers found Doordarshan having more meaningful and entertaining programmes than the private channels.
Vice-president of Mysuru District Federation of Consumer Organisations M.A. Mohan urged Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to ensure that the DTH companies make available all the channels in the country for the viewers to choose from.
Mysuru Grahakara Parishat (MGP) has urged the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to protect the interests of the hapless viewers by ensuring that its regulations that are already, in place are properly enforced. “If these regulations are properly enforced, there will be viewer-friendly control on these private channels,” he said.
However, reacting to these complaints, the Mysuru City Cable Television Operators’ Association has denied the charges levelled against them by the Mysuru Grahakara Parishat (MGP). Association president Pradeep Kumar told The Hindu that the cable television subscribers were given a bouquet of channels for a fixed price ranging from as low as Rs. 200 per month to Rs. 350. “If a particular channel is not available in the bouquet, the subscriber is free to opt of it by paying the requisite fee. The possibility of a channel going off the air is possible only when the subscriber changes the package,” he said.

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