Monday, 15 December 2014

MSOs looted LCOs in Jabalpur creating bad name to LCOs

The payment collected in Jabalpur from Cable TV subscribers by the MSOs is far too high.  This was stated by Cable Operators Welfare Association in Jabalpur in a meeting on 14 December 2014. Multi-System Operators have increased subscription rates 100% in a year, but the administration or TRAI has not taken any action against any MSO as stated  by Cable Welfare Association. 
Association Secretary Arvind Pegwar informed the media that Star TV Channel that costs Rs 17 is being offered by the MSO for Rs 30.  The bill is more than the collection done by the LCOs from their subscribers and it is difficult to collect such high subscriptions from every subscriber. The Nodal Officer in Jabalpur had intervened a month ago and had directed MSOs not to increase the rates but they have not complied with.
The broadcast transmission can only be switched off after 21 days notice. However, MSO are switching off channels without any notice.  
Subscription charges are increased many times in a year.   However, MSO are switching off channels without any notice. A year before they collected Rs 20,000 from a Cable Operator and now he is being charged Rs 73,000 in the bill which was sent to him by the concerned MSO. 
According to the Association some MSOs are working without any license as per I&B rules.  The Association has asked for an immediate investigation and action to be taken against them.  

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