Friday, 16 March 2012

Thomson Video Networks' Partnership with Verimatrix Integrates OTT Delivery and Rights Management

Thomson Video Networks and Verimatrix have successfully integrated a solution for high-quality delivery of over-the-top (OTT) services with secure content protection and rights management. By combining Thomson's ViBE VS7000 platform with the Verimatrix VCAS™ for Internet TV security solution, service providers can offer outstanding picture quality while ensuring that content rights are not infringed by unauthorized use. 
Thomson Video Networks' ViBE VS7000 Convergent Video System offers class-leading video quality at a variety of bit rates using adaptive bit rate encoding technology, and can stream high value content to smartphones, tablets, computers, set-top boxes, and connected TVs. The Verimatrix VCAS solution provides convenient and secure management of the digital rights associated with the content. The two systems are fully interoperable and are being deployed in combination to deliver HDTV OTT channels in Asia. 

"The exceptional live encoding performance of the VS7000 illustrates how delivering video services over the Internet using adaptive streaming can rival traditional TV delivery platforms," said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer at Verimatrix. "This trend makes it all the more important that the service revenues and content are protected with a proven mechanism for authentication and entitlement, just as they are with traditional broadcast platforms." 
The ViBE VS7000 is a breakthrough "anything in, anything out" encoding/transcoding platform for Web TV, OTT services, IPTV, and cable delivery. Supporting multiscreen, multicodec, multiformat applications, the VS7000 offers superior picture quality to provide a best-in-class customer video experience. It is a highly resilient platform with a uniquely integrated operation, automatic load balancing, and fail-over features. 
"The combined products make the solution easy to deploy and risk-free for the customer," said Eric Gallier, vice president of marketing, Thomson Video Networks. "Verimatrix is a leader in developing and deploying such solutions, so it's a very natural partner for Thomson Video Networks, and this is an extension of the partnership we have had in the past related to IPTV telecom systems."


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