Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Back season viewing on streaming platforms helps new shows

SymphonyAM, a data technology and research firm that passively measures integrated cross-media consumption, has revealed the findings from their report about the positive impact that streaming back seasons has on current broadcast TV shows. The study found that an average of 38 per cent of viewers who watched a back season across any platform during the weeks leading up to a season premiere also watched the current season. It also revealed that drama programmes are the most likely to have back season viewing and that Netflix is the primary source of most of this back season viewing.
While streaming platforms might concern broadcast TV companies, SymphonyAM’s data shows that a gain of up to 11 per cent of new viewers of the current season are earned in the early weeks a programme is on air, due to back viewing. The study found that a majority of back season binging can be attributed to viewers who began watching a new show but preferred to do so from the first season. This was followed by viewers who wanted a refresh on previous seasons, prior to starting the current one.

Source: http://cablequest.org/index.php/news/international-news/item/8827-back-season-viewing-on-streaming-platforms-helps-new-shows

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