Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Consumers increasingly taking multiple SVoD services

Findings from Futuresource Consulting suggest that the relationship between SVoD and pay-TV is relatively complementary in most countries, with pay-TV households more likely to take SVoD services than free-to-air only households, although as SVoD becomes more established, this is less apparent.
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The eleventh edition of the firm’s twice yearly consumer research programme – Living with Digital – reports on the shifts in consumers’ entertainment content consumption, service usage and device ownership and interaction. In the latest survey, 2,000 interviews were conducted in each of the UK and US and 1,500 in Germany and France. China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Italy and Spain will also be covered in the next wave of research.
The survey provides detailed analysis on the trends in SVoD, as uptake continues to rise across all countries. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are increasingly prominent in the US, UK and Germany and multiple service uptake is also high – with 82 per cent and 69 per cent of Amazon Prime Video users in the US and UK respectively taking Netflix. Uptake of Netflix in France and Germany has increased significantly since the previous wave of research, although there is evidence that churn is high in France compared to the other surveyed countries.
According to Futuresource, there is evidence to suggest that SVoD services are starting to cannibalise pay-TV, but in France and Germany, pay-TV penetration is over twice as high amongst Netflix households than non-Netflix households.

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