Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Indiagames to introduce social game based on Ra.One

A new social game based on Red Chillies’ latest offering, Ra.One will be designed and developed by the UTV Indiagames. 
Red Chillies is investing around Rs13-18 crore for the film’s online promotion and the game is a part of the promotion. 

"This is different from what we have done so far in Bollywood. Games have been used as part of the marketing strategy. But these (social games) are just one-off games. In the case of Ra.One, we work with the character and create stories around it," says UTV Indiagames chief executive Vishal Gondal. 
“People who know about Shah Rukh Khan and Ra.One would probably come and play” says Gondal. 
Social games are played as a way of social interaction. Globally, social gaming is a $1-billion market. 
Indiagames has already invested around Rs 4.5 crore in developing the game. The social would be launched across platforms like mobiles, tablet PCs, the direct-to-home platform and social networking sites like Facebook. 
According to Red Chillies Entertainment digital and new media head Shailja Gupta, the idea behind the digital marketing is to create a franchisee for Ra.One. Social gaming is just one part of the digit marketing strategy. The unique part of the social game is the integration of merchandise and gaming. Never before has anyone tried this model in India. 
As part of the digital strategy, Red Chillies, along with UTV Indiagames, would also launch digital comics for the mobile platform. The comics would have weekly episodes for users.

http://cablequest.org/news/new-media/item/1161-indiagames-to-introduce-social-game-based-on-raone.htmlSource: http://cablequest.org/news/new-media/item/1161-indiagames-to-introduce-social-game-based-on-raone.html

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